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Traditional braces rely on metal brackets, wires, and elastics to align teeth during a course of treatment. Properly positioned teeth produce a beautiful smile and enhanced dental health for a lifetime.


Traditional braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and are the most common type of fixed orthodontic appliances. But at Origami Orthodontics, traditional metal braces are far from boring!

In fact, many patients prefer the option of wearing colorful elastics for a more fun and unique smile. Having the opportunity to switch into new colors at each appointment allows you to celebrate holidays, sports teams, or your own artistic spirit. Advances in orthodontics materials and techniques also mean that traditional braces are far more comfortable today that ever before.

Traditional metal braces are an excellent and affordable treatment option for children, teens, and fashion-forward adults. Schedule your free evaluation with Origami Orthodontics to determine if traditional braces are right for you.