Why settle for less? Our clear aligners are made completely in-house through state-of-the-art technologies which provide treatments that are quicker, more affordable, and meticulously overseen by orthodontist Dr. Lisa Brooks.


Origami Aligners™ offer many unique advantages in convenience, cost, and quality in contrast to alternative clear aligner systems. Check our FAQs below to learn more.


Origami Aligners™ are more affordable than other clear aligner systems due to a cost structure that is directly proportional to treatment length rather than fixed-costs. As such, our aligners costs are particularly well-suited for patients whose treatment length is less than 15-months. We are also able to offer patients with relatively lower initial payments and longer payment periods.

The downpayment for Origami Aligners is $500, due at the time of your scan.

The remaining monthly payments depends on your length of treatment, what your insurance will cover, and your budget. Our in-house financing offers the ability to make no interest payments and we work with your insurance company to maximize your orthodontic benefit.


We are able to deliver Origami Aligners to you 3-4 weeks faster than other clear aligners systems so you will receive your aligners within 1-2 weeks of your scan. If you would like your clear aligners faster, we have the ability to provide same day delivery for a convenience fee of $250

The benefit of using our in-house lab is that we can replace aligners same day! As soon as you lose or break an aligner, call us. We will get working to replace your aligner immediately so no progress is lost.

In certain circumstances, yes! Dr. Lisa can determine if you are eligible to receive your Origami Aligners by mail, therefore saving on trips to our office and making the process even more convenient.


Our 3D printing process is precise within 100 microns, making it extremely precise.

Origami Aligners are made from a medical grade, FDA approved thermoplastic polymer. The plastic used in Origami Aligners is resilient, with excellent clarity making it perfect for clear aligners.

The entire process for creating Origami Aligners is overseen by our orthodontist Dr. Lisa. We use an extremely precise printing process with the highest quality plastic and offer delivery weeks sooner than the other clear aligner systems. If an aligner is lost or broken, we can replace it same day. Our focus on each patient is highly individualized so patients can expect quality orthodontic treatment tailored to their needs delivered quickly at an affordable price.


While there is no set age minimum, clear aligners are typically only recommended to patients who are able to maintain compliance over their recommended treatment length. Since clear aligners require a much greater degree of compliance than braces, they are typically not recommended to patients under 13.

Yes, Origami Aligners™ are covered by the same code as other orthodontic treatments such as braces. If you are curious whether your plan carries an orthodontic discount or benefit, please call our office at 813.336.8889.

Currently, Origami Aligners™ are available for only select case types. To determine whether you are an orthodontic case type that may benefit from Origami Aligners™, you may arrange an evaluation through a free consultation at our office.